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Fall has finally arrived, which in the Southeast means we start to see extreme heat and humidity fade into the gentle breeze of Autumn. Here in Georgia the change of colors in the forest are fascinating, the temperatures are nothing short of perfect, and the fishing is prime. The National Park System was founded on the principle of preserving “undeveloped land” and now is the perfect part of the year, before holidays are in full swing, to enjoy some “undeveloped time” with nature.

This weekend I’ll be headed to Clayton, GA to explore the trails in the area and paddle a bit of Lake Burton. We may even stop by and check out some of the local restaurants as they start to roll out their fall menus.

What are some of your favorite ways to kick off the season? Share with us your stories and hikes for a chance to be featured on our Trail Notes blog or pass along your favorite gear on our Friends of Rheos Gear Guide series.

Now get outside and #lookaround. Happy Fall Everyone!

Jake Berton