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I started my career right into social media after school. I was learning along with the rest of the world that brands needed to be in the content business. We needed tweets and Facebook posts and that has quickly turned into Snaps and Grams. Brands…everyone…was now in the content business.

now our feeds are full of all types (my own not  excluded) seemingly desperate for content that can draw likes. It’s not completely wrong. There is definitely a correlation between brands with strong engagement on social media and sales.

But the truth is, there are shows we can’t wait to see. Game of Thrones went on an 18+ month hiatus for filming and people talked about it all the way up to its near launch. The Super Bowl needs no introduction in any household in the US.

dont lose your core business starting a content one. It’s a professional industry. There are too many professionals already covering your content. Sponsor great content. Inspire it. Don’t lose your core business trying to recreate a B version…: