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Preparation in all things.

Think of possible outcomes and prepare for them. Will the parking deck be closed when you need? Should your layover be longer for international flight? Do you have both cash and card available? These of course are all travel examples because we had trouble in several...

How big is your we

If you walk into a bar with your girlfriend and someone says something to offend you, your We is two. When the group at the bar starts challenging everyone on the patio, your we is everyone on the patio. When a car drives by and makes a threat on everyone on the patio...

Place to be receptive

“You’re in a good place to be receptive right now.” — Right after you finish a yoga class. How can you put yourself in a place to be receptive when you need to be? What does it mean to be receptive?

Blank Canvas.

For the next 60-minutes, you have one job. Pick one topic, passion, problem, pursuit…then write, draw, paint, talk, shout, daydream or whatever other exercise gives you freedom and pursue it without boundaries. You have permission to do this starting: Now.