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Basic Gym = black socks, comfortable underwear, athletic shorts, tees from different vendors bundled into start packages so you don’t have to shop to go to they gym.

Travel recommendations group

What if you had a private group of travelers that share their best secrets and learn from others. Pay to enter? Must submit every “x” amount of time to stay eligible OR you pay. Here is the example...

Play Poker, Not Craps.

Lots of startups are obsessed with the idea of raising money and chasing an idea that seems interesting…they’re “revolutionizing an industry”. That sounds great at first but when you stop and think about it that means the industry doesn’t...

Focus on the Delta

There are lots of things that you can prioritize about your product and your idea. But you can’t focus on them all. And since you can’t, you might as well focus almost exclusively on the Delta. What is the thing you do different?

Preparation in all things.

Think of possible outcomes and prepare for them. Will the parking deck be closed when you need? Should your layover be longer for international flight? Do you have both cash and card available? These of course are all travel examples because we had trouble in several...