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Roadtrip 2015: Yosemite

<a data-flickr-embed=”true”  href=”″ title=”Rheos Roadtrip: Yosemite, October 2015″><img...

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How are you today?

Such a simple question. But believe it or not it is usually the most important one of every conversation. Don’t make the mistake of writing this off as an obligatory greeting to get to the next part or before you know it you’re on to the weather followed by...

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Blank Canvas.

For the next 60-minutes, you have one job. Pick one topic, passion, problem, pursuit…then write, draw, paint, talk, shout, daydream or whatever other exercise gives you freedom and pursue it without boundaries. You have permission to do this starting: Now.

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Constantly refresh your perspective

When you get tired of reading about a topic choose a different topic if you’re tired about reading about business and start reading about how to get motivated for exercise if you’re tired about nonfiction and pick up a fiction story If you’re feeling...

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Classic Ziggy

“You will get all you want in life if you give enough people what they want.” – zig zigler

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