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Sometimes, it’s just about the order you do things. Efficiency and effectiveness all come down to sequencing. Can you be doing this while you wait for that to happen? Don’t ask for help too soon but don’t wait too long.

Basic Gym = black socks, comfortable underwear, athletic shorts, tees from different vendors bundled into start packages so you don’t have to shop to go to they gym.

Travel recommendations group

What if you had a private group of travelers that share their best secrets and learn from others. Pay to enter? Must submit every “x” amount of time to stay eligible OR you pay. Here is the example...

Brands aren’t in the content business.

I started my career right into social media after school. I was learning along with the rest of the world that brands needed to be in the content business. We needed tweets and Facebook posts and that has quickly turned into Snaps and Grams....